“Ryan had a way of leading me through a labyrinth in which I discovered my unique purpose and a vision for myself.  With great patience, he kept giving me clues, breadcrumbs to follow.  Had he simply told me what he thought my purpose was, I believe I would still be lost in the center of the maze, holding a treasure without knowing what to do with it.  Instead, he let me discover the gold within myself so I could return to the world, owning the gifts I am here to offer others through my business and all other aspects of my life, and uncover how this world feels when my gift has been fully received.

Additionally, throughout our program, Ryan created a safe space for us to explore my blocks, name them, and lighten their impact. Each time I come away from my time with Ryan, I feel able to move forward with confidence and authenticity.”

Matt Sloane – Brand Strategist, Leadership Coach, & Artist

“I highly recommend Ryan Rigoli’s coaching services to anyone who is seeking transformation.  I went into my initial session with Ryan with a somewhat vague vision of what I wanted to accomplish: To stop getting in the way of my own success. After one or two intake sessions, I was amazed by how quickly and accurately Ryan designed a coaching program that addressed the core of my issues in a holistic way.

Ryan’s good natured, non-judgmental and trustworthy demeanor made it easy to open up and explore difficult personal truths. His wisdom, compassion, creativity and superb intelligence inspired many eye opening insights throughout the program. In a short four months of coaching, I successfully dealt with a large number of personal challenges, including work-related obstacles, a health crisis, relationship/family struggles, and more. I have Ryan to thank for my success and transformation.”

Journalist, Author, & Speaker

“Ryan has been an invaluable guide in helping me navigate the business and personal challenges of the entrepreneurial path. His unique approach is both structured and organic and has allowed me to turn my ideas into a comprehensive vision with action steps that have and continue to bring my business to life.  His insight, creativity and commitment to helping social entrepreneurs like myself make a difference and have made the process both energizing and inspiring.”

Cara Jones – CEO & Founder  Storytellersforgood.com

“It is my honour to recommend Ryan Rigoli! He is a gifted Integral Coach who exemplifies all the qualities that one would look for in an exceptional coach: integrity, compassion, brilliance, wisdom and humility – a rare combination in any one person. Ryan is masterful at accurately assessing clients’ current way of being, within a short timeframe. And, he applies creativity and sensitivity when inviting them to consider new possiblities for their lives. The outcome of Ryan’s coaching is to enable his clients to experience profound shifts while simultaneously equipping them to be self-correcting and self-generating, both crucial indicators of successful integral coaching. Anyone who has the privilege of being coached by Ryan will be grateful they made the investment! I recommend Ryan unreservedly!”

Deborah Rossouw – Professional Speaker and Coach  Debspeaks.com

“I have the pleasure of recommending Ryan as a Coach and Teacher. In time that I’ve studied and been coached by Ryan, I find him able to embody a rare combination of gentle compassion with a powerful presence. When I am talking with Ryan, I know he is truly with me and he is fully present and available. Ryan knows how to use humor and lightness to put me at ease so that I can open up in a way that creates more space to be my authentic self and explore new possibilities. He knows how to listen and respond on many levels of awareness with an insight, question or suggestion that encourages me to change and see the world from a new angle. Ryan knows how to work with many different types of people and discovers an approach that works for them in a profound way. If you have the great opportunity to work with Ryan, you will thank your lucky stars that you were able to interact with such a wise and caring person.”

Steve Leibman – Human Resources Executive

“I highly recommend Ryan as a coach.  Ryan is a good listener and is very objective and non-judgmental in his approach.  He has helped me achieve clarity on my goals, especially in distilling down to the ones that matter and lead to a healthier and happier state of mind and body.  He has also helped me develop tangible real life activities that help me break out of the loop that I sometimes get into, and really make positive progress on the things that matter.”

Entrepreneur, CEO of Mobile Software Company


“I sought Ryan’s coaching during one of the most difficult periods of my life.  My personal and work life were in transition and I knew where I wanted to be, but couldn’t manage to get myself there.  With Ryan’s coaching and exercises I was able to find clarity on how to achieve happiness in the journey and process of life.  He armed me with tools that I still use today.  The effects of transformation in my thinking and perception are still being revealed, even months after my sessions with Ryan.  I highly recommend Ryan’s coaching service.”

Independent Designer

“I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with Ryan. He is a gifted and intuitive practitioner, and was able to guide me through a particularly dark period of my life. I have grown and flourished over the past six months and hope to continue working with Ryan for many years to come. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Writer and Business Owner

“I’ve never worked with anyone better at coaching and mentoring a team.  He helps people learn, grow and become stronger.  Smart, creative, collaborative, and insightful he is one of the best [people I’ve ever worked with.”

Sr. Account Director, Advertising Agency

“Ryan has been an invaluable mentor and coach.  After working with him over several months, I now have a clearer direction in my professional life and more self-confidence to make decisions that are helping me to be more successful and happier overall.  My life has taken a turn for the better and I would recommend Ryan to anyone.”

Marketing and Advertising Executive