Uncover Your Unique Purpose & Company Vision

For Social Entrepreneurs and Solo Practitioners

Knowing the “Why” behind what we do is the very core of our business strategy.  In fact, as business owners, it is the very core of who we are.  It is the reason we do what we do.  Without a powerful ‘Why’, our work can feel less meaningful and also be less effective.

When we uncover a larger purpose and vision behind what we’re up to, we can become more focused, make more effective business decisions, and inspire those around us.  When we can clearly communicate and align our actions with our reason for being, our businesses can become magnetic and resonate even more powerfully with the communities of people we are here to support.

In this program, we will work together to uncover a unique purpose that will serve as your guiding light.

The four elements of purpose that we will work to uncover include:

  • Gifts — What you uniquely bring to the world in everything you do
  • Stand — What you believe in / What you stand for
  • Values — The qualities that guide how you conduct your business and your life
  • Vision — What world you would like to create for the future and for your business
  • Mission — For what specific task you are being called to do to bring that vision to life

With this increase in clarity of purpose and vision you will have a greater capacity to:

  • Make more effective business decisions that are aligned with your vision and unique gifts
  • Align and inspire your team, or business partners, around a collective vision
  • Connect more deeply with your inner guidance and wisdom   (for Approach #2)

I offer two different approaches to uncovering a unique purpose and vision.

Approach #1:

In the first approach, I will use more traditional methods of coaching.

For solo entrepreneurs we will look at experiences in your life when you’ve felt most passionate and aligned.  Additionally, we will work together to understand the five elements of your individual purpose, see which ones you feel ready to know at this time, and then integrate those into your business strategy.

For small/mid-sized business owners we will use many of the same techniques above in addition to conducting a deeper inquiry with other members of your core team.

Approach #2:

The second approach is a much deeper program that will help you to gain access to your own inner source of wisdom that will connect you more directly to your unique life purpose.   Your purpose would include the same 5 core elements as above.  We will then work together, as in approach #1, to integrate that more fully into a company mission and vision should you choose to do so.

With this approach I combine the True Purpose™ methodology, Integral Coaching® and my own coaching techniques to help you connect with a deeper purpose that only you know.  If you would like to get a better sense for part the approach I use, I would recommend reading the book, True Purpose, by Tim Kelley.

This approach is for you if you have:

  • A strong desire to know your purpose
  • Experience working with your own subconscious (e.g. therapy, workshops or coaching)
  • Experience working with a spiritual or religious practice

At the end of this program, you will:

  • Uncover the elements of your unique purpose that you are ready to know at this time and integrate them into an overall company vision.
  • Work more effectively with the parts of yourself that cause internal resistance to pursuing your purpose.
  • Create a stronger connection to your own trusted source of inner guidance.

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