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Bay Area Aspiring & New Entrepreneurs Group

Description of Community Group:

That Little Voice (TLV) is a group that supports new and aspiring entrepreneurs to cultivate that inner voice that lives in each of us. We believe that by connecting more deeply with ourselves and doing so with the support of others, we can experience greater clarity of purpose and vision, build up greater resilience as a business owner, make more effective marketing and business decisions that fit with our values, and lead more fulfilling work lives.

TLV is started by two formerly unfulfilled corporate managers, Ryan Rigoli and Ken Chen, who listened to their little voices and created unique businesses.

Ryan Rigoli works with solo entrepreneurs and small/mid-sized businesses to build brands from the inside out. His integrated approach to branding helps them to uncover a unique essence, gift and vision that shines through all elements of their business — their promotional materials, business operations and how they conduct and communicate their business. http://rigolicoaching.com

Ken Chen is the owner of 2 small businesses EM Marketing and Social Wrench, the result of answering his little voice after more than a decade of working at large consumer companies and internet startups. His life goal is to integrate his work harmoniously and sustainably with his life, and to help others do the same. http://e-m-marketing.com

Bay Area Aspiring & New Entrepreneurs Group Meetup
Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 6:30PM

Entrepreneurs all have a voice that guides and leads them to starting new businesses. But for many, it’s a little voice that can be easily drowned out by more critical voices or external pressures.

That Little Voice is offering a free 2-hour introductory meetup for new and aspiring entrepreneurs who would like support in promoting and building a new business that is in greater alignment with their inner voice.

The meeting will consist of a presentation, small group discussion and a panel of 4 entrepreneurs who left the corporate world, listened to their little voice and started their own businesses. In this first meeting we will cover the following topics:

Listening To Your Voice
• The 5 Elements of your unique purpose

Supporting Your Voice
• Calculating your financial runway
• Working with Common Social/Societal Detours

After this meet-up you will walk away with:
• An understanding of the 5 elements of your purpose and how they are connected to your business strategy
• Uncovering one element of your purpose through a writing and group exercise
• A framework on how to think about your financial runway and ways to reduce the financial pressures of starting a business
• Tips on how to stay true to yourself when faced with societal pressures that challenge your inner voice
• Support from other entrepreneurs as you work through these issues with your own business

No prep is needed, just bring yourself and your little voice. 🙂

Sports Basement

1590 Bryant St

San Francisco, CA 94103

See the full event details and RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/Bay-Area-Aspiring-Entrepreneurs-Group/calendar/13132915/.

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