Cultivate a Poweful Inner Voice and Leadership Presence

For Social Entrepreneurs and Solo Practitioners

Have you ever asked yourself:  “Can I inspire those around me to invest and support my vision?”,  “Will I be able to continue making decisions that are in line with my values?”, “Is there a way that I can live and work sustainably while I create a sustainable business?”

As social entrepreneurs we all have an inner voice that guides and leads us to starting a new business with a social mission.

But sometimes as we work to change the status quo, this deeper, guiding voice within us can be drowned out by more critical voices in ourselves or external pressures that we feel in society.

When we learn to cultivate our own inner guidance, particularly through the tough times, we can attract powerful opportunities for our business that are more in line with our vision and values.

As a leadership coach, I help social entrepreneurs cultivate that inner voice within and more fully integrate their unique leadership presence and gifts into their work so they can turn their vision into a reality.

My coaching program will help you:

  • Develop greater resilience as you work through the challenges of building a business.
  • Tap into a source of inner wisdom that can guide you along as you make difficult decisions.
  • Move past self-sabotaging habits that are getting in the way of you moving more effectively into action.
  • Feel more integrated and authentic in everything you do.
  • More fully embody the change you are seeking to create in the world

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