A Vision for a New Marketing – One Day in the Future 

We just finished creating our new service today.  We can all feel the excitement.  Our new customers will be arriving in just a few hours once we collectively put forth our final intention.  We call it a wisdom exchange – a new term in the field of Attraction Planning. 

We’ve recently started to refine our Attraction Planning methods thanks to the spiritual development and contribution of a few members of our team. They’ve helped us to achieve greater alignment in our vibrational energies within ourselves and with our future customers.

We all come into a room and sit quietly in a circle.  We begin to center ourselves. First the long inhale, then the exhale and extension of our energy into our feet and into the ground.  Next the upward movement of our energy to the top of our head connecting to Spirit.  Finally, we bring our feeling attention to our Hara and sense ourselves in a more complete way.  We notice the field expanding all around us.  We breathe normally and set our collective intentions.   The leader of the project reads aloud and we all repeat it silently for a few minutes with focused intention.

We give gratitude for what we have co-created here together and for allowing this work to come through each of us with ease, grace and inspiration from Spirit.  May we now attract those for whom this has been created and be open and receptive to how they will arrive.  May we all create a space for the exchange of our unique wisdom for the benefit of ourselves, for our perfect customers and for all Beings.

We sit quietly for the next 20 minutes and create a collective vibration that extends outward through the planet.  We send out just the right level frequency to attract a steady flow of customers that will sustain us and nourish us for years to come.  There is no longer a need for excessive promotion, production or over-consumption.  Those were the ways of the past when collectively and individually we did not recognize that our unmet needs and our fears were in control of our actions.  Gone are the days of ads excessively promoting their products in all of our media just for the purpose of profit.  Now media is reserved for the amplification of wisdom exchanges – collective messages of inspiration, healing and spiritual growth to the right groups of people at the right time.  We only offer what we can sustainably give and we receive only what we need.  We are in perfect harmony.

Our own wisdom exchange is about to begin. And from there our customers will not only take part in our offerings but help us to co-create our next offering by participating in our next collective inspiration for the betterment of the planet.

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