My Story

For many years, I felt a constant nagging in my heart.  It was an inner voice that was urging me to apply my years of corporate brand marketing skills in a different way.  But I didn’t have much direction of how or where to go.  The amount of work hours was steadily increasing and my self-care was almost non-existent.  Regardless of the signs, I stayed put.

Eventually a series of health issues and a deep feeling of unhappiness woke me up to the reality I had created for myself.  The risk of not living a more integrated lifestyle and finding a deeper calling outweighed the loss of any job security.  I left the corporate world for a time and took an extended trip through Central and South America to take a break and reconnect with myself.

When I returned, a world of possibility opened up, but also the real work began.  I got in touch with many of the limiting beliefs and old wounds that were holding me back from more fully bringing my personal vision and unique gifts into the world.  I connected more deeply with a passion I was fearful to more fully actualize in my work – to help people bring forth their own unique contributions into the business world with greater confidence, ease and joy.

I studied and got certified as an Integral Coach at the New Ventures West Integral Coaching Program but was still unsure how to more fully integrate this new passion with my background in brand marketing.  So, I jumped into the entrepreneurial world to experience my way into the answers.

At first I kept the coaching and brand marketing elements of my business separate.  Eventually, I realized the connection between the two – that the power of our brand and our own personal development are inextricably linked.  In essence, the more present and connected we are to ourselves and the more we live in alignment with our unique purpose, vision and inner truth, the more people will be drawn to us, and our organizations, for what we offer the world.  Over time, a series of techniques and practices emerged that as a brand strategist and coach, I now share with others who have similar aspirations.

I now spend my time helping socially conscious organizations and business leaders with this new approach to personal branding that starts with their inner world first.  I am deeply passionate about helping them create a more sustainable business that they love doing and that does good for the world.

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