mountains-nature-sky-sunnyAfter all my years in brand marketing and leadership development, it comes down to an important truth for me —

Being the change we wish to create in our lives is the most powerful form of leadership and career development we can do.

In essence, the more present and connected we are to ourselves and the more we live in alignment with our inner truth, the more people will be drawn to us for the contributions we can make.

It took me years of missteps as an entrepreneur and former corporate manager before I realized the connection between the power of our personal brand and the importance of our own personal development.  Over time, a series of techniques and practices emerged that as a leadership and career coach, I now share with others who have similar aspirations.

The result of my approach:  Gain greater clarity around your vision and gifts and cultivate an authentic presence that will resonate more powerfully with the people you serve.

Additional benefits of my services will help you:

  • Know the gifts/vision/values that are you unique to you and that help you to make a greater contribution in your work, and life overall.
  • Make more effective decisions that are aligned with your own vision and gifts.
  • Experience greater confidence and ease in your day as you take on greater leadership responsibilities in your work or move through a job/career change.
  • Enhance your relationships with your team and colleagues through the use of wise, compassionate leadership.
  • Connect more deeply with your inner guidance for the answers you seek.
  • Lead a more fulfilling work life.

Helping business professionals bring their unique contributions into the world is my passion.  My mission is to help them create a more magnetic personal/leadership brand that impacts the companies and communities they are most passionate to support.

If this speaks to you and you’d like to have a free 30 minute consultation by phone about my services, I invite you to contact me at to schedule an appointment.

I look forward to learning more about you and discovering what you are interested in moving towards.