Personal Branding From the Inside Out

As a business professional have you ever asked yourself:

“What is my unique contribution and vision for the future?”  “How can I more effectively integrate that into my life?”  “Is it possible to follow the guidance of my inner voice without succumbing to the powerful social and cultural pressures to live another way?

Whether you are a social entrepreneur building your own business, a business professional searching for greater meaning and purpose, or an organizational leader working to inspire your team around a collective vision, know that you are not alone in confronting these questions.

Accepting the challenge to explore the answers that are most true for each of us can prove essential to both our professional and personal growth.

The idea of a personal brand, of course, has many definitions.  I will be using my monthly newsletter and blog as a way to explore it from the perspective of our inner world — one that helps us to gain greater clarity around who we are and how we’re here to serve ourselves and others, and to do that with a sense of freedom that allows us, and our work, to take shape in new and unexpected ways.

What I have found in my own experience and that of my clients is that uncovering and integrating our unique purpose and gifts more deeply into our lives and learning to cultivate our own inner guidance are key ingredients to developing a more magnetic personal brand and leadership presence.

Ultimately, this form of personal branding is not about how to project the perfect image to our audience, but rather how to tap into a personal power that we each have that comes from allowing our core essence and gifts to shine through everything we do.  It is an approach that works from the inside out.  The more we become conscious of our inner world and build the courage and resilience to live from a deeper, more loving place within ourselves, the more our outer experiences can change and align with our personal vision.

Of course, I am very much a student of this work.  The idea of becoming more conscious of my deepest intentions and consciously attracting that which is aligned with my highest good is a lifelong journey for me, as is the very nature of coming to a greater understanding of that very idea.

As I continue to develop my own coaching practice as well as other new ventures, I will be sharing my own personal stories and insights of what it means to me to cultivate a personal brand from the inside out and the impact that bringing our full presence into the world can have on ourselves, our communities and the world around us.

My hope is that you will also feel inspired to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences as well, as we co-create a newfound acceptance for our authentic selves and each other.

Many Blessings


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